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Chicken Meal Prep

Three bowls of Sweet Chili Chicken Stir Fry

Sweet Chili Chicken Stir Fry Bowls

If I could only say one thing to people who read my blog, it’s that dinner doesn’t have to be complicated. 这些甜辣椒炒鸡碗就是一个完美的例子. It’s really...

这个香草黄油鸡肉餐准备包括所有的基础(肉, carb, vegetable, and FLAVOR) with just two easy recipes. BudgetBytes.com

Herb Butter Chicken Meal Prep

Oooh, I’ve got a great meal prep this week! Well, any time pasta is in my meal prep I’m a little happier. 本周,我重新审视了我最古老的十大彩票之一——托斯卡纳白豆...

这菠萝烧烤鸡肉套餐包括甜的和扑鼻的鸡肉, rich and savory coconut rice, and tender broccoli florets. BudgetBytes.com

Pineapple BBQ Chicken Meal Prep

Hey guys! 我希望到目前为止你已经度过了一个美好的周末,并为这一周节省了一点时间来准备一些食物! I didn’t have a lot of time in the...

这白鸡辣椒餐准备包括一个慢炖辣椒与孜然酸橙烤甘薯和玉米片蘸! BudgetBytes.com

White Chicken Chili Meal Prep

Hey guys! 今天是周日,你知道这意味着什么——我要分享我这周的套餐! 这是我组合的2-3个十大彩票十大彩票,制作了4个预包装餐...

Build BBQ Chicken Burrito Bowls are an easy, customizable lunch option that is great both hot or cold! BudgetBytes.com

BBQ Chicken Burrito Bowls

Y’all know I love my bowl meals! Everything you need in one easy to eat (and transport) bowl, no need to worry about what side dishes go with what. Plus, they’re easy for you...